Protecting And Caring For Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Your infant’s skin is very sensitive and needs proper care so they can be comfortable. Damage to the skin can cause pain and irritation, and as a parent, there are a few things you can do easily on your own to take care of any problems. Try these tricks to keep your infant’s skin supple and clear.


You can start to care for your baby’s skin properly right when you take them out of the bath tub, or before you dress them each day with a moisturizer. Use a fragrance free moisturizer that will help keep their skin soft and help prevent chafing daily. This prevents dryness, irritation and peeling throughout the year.

If your infant has very sensitive skin, you may need to use a hypoallergenic lotion that is free of all dyes and chemicals. If dryness or irritation is constant, you may need something prescribed by the pediatrician.

Protect from UV Damage

UV rays can damage your infant’s skin at all times throughout the year, and a baby will burn in the sun more quickly than an adult. Use a lotion that has UV protection daily, and use a stronger SPF when your infant will be out in the sun for long periods of time. The UV rays are the strongest between 8am and 4pm, so it’s best to avoid the sun at this time.

You should reapply sunscreen after your infant has been exposed to water or sweating, and you should also consider SPF clothing and a hat to cover the head. UV exposure at an early age can cause permanent skin damage, along with sun poisoning and blistering.

Care for Clothing Properly

The clothes that touch your infant’s skin daily should be washed with a cleaner that has no chemicals, dyes or fragrances. You may also want to avoid clothes that have metal zippers or snaps that could irritate the skin.
Avoid clothing that is too tight for the infant, or that may become tight if their diaper fills. You don’t want a bodysuit chaffing the inside of your infant’s thighs, or a sweatshirt clinging too tightly around the infant’s armpits and irritating the skin.

Keep the Bottom Dry

Your infant can have a wet diaper within seconds after getting changed, and they may sit in that wet diaper for an hour before the diaper is replaced with a new one. It’s important to add a protective product to their bottom, like petroleum jelly, powder or other options, so that the skin doesn’t get damaged. Once the bottom gets chaffed or irritated, it can be difficult to keep the area dry and clean.

Keep the infant hydrated to help keep the skin moisturized, and avoid keeping them in water until their skin wrinkles and is vulnerable. Any serious skin concerns should be addressed by a pediatrician right away for the infant’s safety. To make sure your infant doesn’t end up with dry itchy skin all over the body, or with a sunburn that hurts, make sure that you follow these helpful options for skin protection.