These Juicers Seem Tailor-Made For Moms

I have always been curious about juicing and whether or not it would actually provide some benefit for me. I never really looked really deep into the prospect of getting a juicer until recently. Having a kid can really drain your energy and I was looking for a healthy way to get a little boost. This is when I came back around to the idea of juicing and decided to look a little closer into seeing if one of these small appliances would be worth it. So last month I was poking around on Veggie Files to try and learn more about juicers and read some reviews. This is when I came across a couple of juice extractors that seem to be made with mothers in mind.

Now going into this hunt I just had my own health and diet in mind, but I found a couple of Omega juicers that would let you make your own baby food and nut butters and soy milk. This is when the light bulb went off and it made getting one of these for my kitchen that more appealing. So I really dove in head first.

Benefits For Mothers

The models that I found, the NC800 and the J8006, have a number of features that I know that I can make use of. I have always wanted to try and make homemade baby food, as well as juicing, and here are two machines that can give this to me. These really have a lot to offer parents of small children.

Juicing – Of course this is the main function of the machine and from what I have learned either one of these are two great options. They can juice greens, produce great quality juice, and they are very efficient. They get exceptional ratings for being a juice extractor so this is already one major positive it has going for it. But there is much more that they can do.

Nozzle Attachments – The great thing about these two juicers is that they come with several different attachments that transform the machine into a nutrition center. You can drop different fruits down the chute and make your own delightfully mushy baby food. It will also grind different nuts so you can make your own natural peanut butter. Want to try tofu or soy milk, they will get the job done here as well. The versatility built into these machines are quite amazing.

Very Little Noise – Here is another aspect of these juicers that Moms love. These are relatively silent machines and you should not have to worry about waking a sleeping baby. For parents this is going to be a huge plus. There are certain appliances that are always off limits when the kids are asleep, but these don’t have to be one of those. It emits a slow grinding noise instead of the loud roar of a blender.

Just About Perfect

I did end up ordering one of these and it will be here in just a few days. I know that I should have waited to write something up on it, but I will update this post after I have had some time with it in the kitchen. I am very excited to get started and my mind is racing with all of the possibilities. Now I know this was not designed specifically with mothers in mind, but with everything it can do it sure seems like it was.

I am also intrigued to see how it does on the baby food side of things. I anticipate being able to make a killer apple sauce and look to find some more recipes to add to my repertoire. I am tired of feeling sluggish all the time and my diet is rather lacking in fruits and vegetables so hopefully juicing regularly will help me overcome this. One of the drawbacks of these two Omega juicers is that they are not cheap so I hope my enthusiasm will stay at a high level. I do not want to add this to my collection of dust collecting small appliances that I have in the garage. Check back for the updates.

I found a video that I hope to emulate to try and make some fruit sorbet as it gives a great demonstration of just some of the things that this particular juicer can accomplish.

Best Ways To Hide And Conceal Your Baby Bump

If you have a baby bump that is starting to grow, but you aren’t ready for everyone that you see to know you are pregnant, you can conceal the bump for a while with your wardrobe. There are many things that you will want to take into consideration as your belly starts to make your regular clothes uncomfortable to wear, and as you dress your stomach to hide your big news. There are many different ways and numerous tips that many celebrities use to hide their baby bump that you can take advantage of.

Cover and Conceal

Avoid wearing a shirt that may rise above the bump that is developing above your waistline, or any type of midriff bearing ensemble. This will prevent someone from catching a glimpse at your stomach if you accidentally lift your arms up high, or if the shirt wanders throughout the day.

You may also want to wear a band that goes around the waist of your pants, to help keep the pants in place without causing discomfort. These bands allow you to wear the pants that still fit throughout the legs, and can help conceal the baby bump from sticking out above your waistline.

Loose and Layered

Wearing shirts that are loose around the stomach and arms will help hide weight gain and a baby pump. Layering can also help hide a growing belly. Wearing a layered shirt or baby doll tank top with a loose fitting jacket or sweater over top during cold winter months can help you conceal your stomach for a long time.

When the weather is warmer, shirts that flare are ideal. Tiered dresses can also be helpful during the spring and fall when it’s too hot to layer on the clothes. Peasant shirts and tunics are great for all seasons. The tighter your outfit is, the more you are revealing.

Use Color to Your Advantage

Dark colors are going to be the most slimming, so try hiding your baby bump and weight gain with black, navy and brown clothing. You also may want to wear shirts that are ombre, starting with a lighter color on the neckline, but providing dark coverage at the bottom of the shirt. Avoid patterns that will be noticeable around your bump, like stripes and polka dots. These may catch eyes and cause people to notice the altered shape of the pattern.

Distract Others

Adding a pair of chandelier earrings to your outfit, a bright necklace that will pop, or a bright pair of shoes may keep people from looking at your waistline. Don’t use a belt around your waist that will draw attention. Wear a bright lipstick, unique eyeliner or bold mascara to draw eyes upwards around others.

Another great way to help hide your baby belly when you aren’t ready for the world to know you are pregnant is by staying in shape. If you aren’t gaining unnecessary weight in other areas of the body, you can wear your regular clothes longer, and people won’t notice the extra pounds. Use these tips and dress wisely when you want to hide your pregnancy.